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Weak Erections - 5 Hints for Improving Penis Health

According to the American Kidney Foundation, more than 20 million men in the US alone experience problems with weak erections. While sexual dysfunction is a complex problem, circulatory problems are often behind erections that are less vigorous than most men would prefer and addressing these underlying issues may help to correct the problem. Understanding how blood circulation affects the penis, maintaining healthy lifestyle habits and nourishing the skin, nerves and blood vessels with penis vitamins and minerals may promote increased circulatory health and improve the firmness of erections. How erections work When sexual stimulation occurs; either via direct physical contact or by way of mental stimulus, the brain sends a signal to the nerves of the penis which instruct the blood vessels to relax and process allows for increased blood flow into a pair of spongy cavities known as the corpora cavernosa. Once these are full of blood, or distended, high level pressure prevents it from fl…

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